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Custom Interiors

You just bought the boat of your dreams, but nothing onboard feels like your style. Refresh the linens and look inside.  We work with you to make it your own and reflect your style.

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Made to Order and Custom Covers

The heat, humidity, and salt air wreak havoc on covers. Protect your investment by replacing your covers.



We are building our archive of specs for each boat. If we don’t have it on file, we will try to retrieve it from the manufacturer before coming to you for a custom build.

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Lifestyle Product

One of our tenants is to be as responsible for our use of materials as possible. We will repurpose leftover materials to construct additional products such as drop, dry, and tote bags. 



We are dog owners and know they need solutions for the boat life too. Watch this space for new products.



If you have an idea, drop us a line! 

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Why Love Hardaways

This is a passion project for us. There companies out there you can look up on the internet and order from, but you won’t get a custom solution. You aren’t like other people. Make your boat reflect you and your lifestyle. We can help you do just that.


We are boat owners and professionals. My name is Chandler (yes, like a ship’s chandler.) I spent 25 years in the sports apparel industry, learning all about performance fabrics and construction. I bring all of that knowledge to this company to create intuitive and lasting products. 

25 Years Experience

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